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Problem running dos...

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Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
January 4, 2001 11:29:06 AM

hello... Today I started having a problem with running dos... Whenever I double click the ms-dos icon on my background screen, the computer freezes. And any windows programs that use the dos window(?) also make the computer freeze.

I thought it might be a virus, but I couldn't run the virus program because I have to run it under dos mode. I tried to run the virus program after re-starting in dos mode, but an "out of resources" error message came out.

Dos mode worked yesterday afternoon, and then I left the computer on from 11pm last night until 2pm this afternoon, and when I tried dos, the problem occured. I thought maybe it was because the computer was turned on for too
long, but even after trying dos again after leaving the computer off for 2 hours, the computer still froze.

My system specs are
Duron 750
128 ram
geforce2 mx

...Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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January 4, 2001 11:46:49 PM

If running the antivirus after restarting in DOS mode says "out of resources", and you DIDN'T yourself install any new software before all this happened, then it may be a virus infection.
If its a boot sector virus, then a solution may be: Get a clean boot-floppy from some other system, write-protect it and boot from it. Now try running your antivirus software from the hard disk. Remember: If it now tells you that you must remove write-protect from floppy so it can write to it, Don't - bec. this means that there is a file virus (or boot & file both).
If you are sure its a file virus, then you'll have to get a clean boot floppy along with a clean copy of the antivirus program on the floppy (don't take your hard disk's one now, bec. it might also be infected as well) and boot from it and run the antivirus from the floppy to scan the hard disk.

Alternatively, there might be no virus at all, and it may just be the case that you installed some program and it modified your system startup files including config.sys & autoexec.bat, which would have left no free memory for DOS programs to run. To solve this problem, you will have to use "msconfig" program or manually edit your startup files to see which program is eating up the memory.
January 6, 2001 12:17:43 AM

Thanks for the info. :) 
I found out that the Asus50x drivers were eating up all the
extended memory, and that's why dos wasn't working.
But, I don't know how to uninstall it,(not in remove/add
programs),... although I erased some lines from config.sys
that had to do with the asus drivers that opened up
extended memory and made dos work....
the drivers aren't gone, nor are they working properly,
therefore for some programs, the cd-rom isn't
What should I do?