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my old linksys wrt54g v.2 died... i think we took a lightning hit, as my modem died too... so i need to replace. i am leaning toward getting the wrt54gl (on sale at newegg for 49.00). i am familiar with the setup and the older version worked ok for what we needed, but since i am spending money, just want to make sure that i am getting what i need.

we run one laptop (g compatible), two iphone 4s, one ipad2, one hp touchpad, one kindle fire, and a wii for netflix streaming. the main concern is getting a good signal to the wii which is about 50 feet and three walls away from the router.

any better bang for the buck routers for our situation? i think the linksys should do the trick, but wanted opinions...
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  1. The Linksys WRT54G, in all its variations, was certainly king of the hill for many years, esp. w/ third party firmware. I assume anyone considering the WRT54GL is also considering third party firmware.

    But let's be honest. The WRT54G is over the hill in many respects. It has long since been outdone by even other wireless G routers (e.g., ASUS WL-520gU, ASUS WL-500gP V2, etc., which are showing their age too). So I'm not even considering the issue of wireless N. I'm willing to concede that wireless G may be sufficient for some ppl (I still use it myself).

    FWIW, I sold off all my WRT54G devices several YEARS ago because they had finally been outclassed by other routers, both wireless G and N.

    So I see nothing wrong w/ the WRT54GL, it still works well. It's just that I no longer consider it the best bang for the buck by today’s standards. I just as soon spend $20-30 on the ASUS WL-520gU (currently $33 after rebate @ Newegg & Amazon). For $50, I'd expect a lot more (wireless N, gigabit, USB, even dual channel). But if you’re content w/ the WRT54GL, and don’t mind the expense, it’s hard to make a good case against it.
  2. thanks eibgrad! appreciate the input. i'd rather spend 32 than 49 any day of the week if i get the same or better results.

    yes, i was thinking about third party firmware... have never used it, but will likely load onto whatever i do end up getting. again, i'd rather brick a thirty dollar router than a fifty dollar one.
  3. newegg has that for 24 now after mir... for anyone out there looking.
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