w800i vs, k750i (w800i owner)

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I own the w800i, and I'm using it with Rogers in Canada. There isn't much difference between
the k750i.

The w800i comes with a 512mb memory stick (doesn't matter if your upgrading to 1gig)
The headphones are better, they allow you to use any typical stereo headphones.
When you get an incoming call the music stops, then resumes when the call is terminated.
The camera lens cover/casing is better and smaller (makes the phone slimmer)
The battery life is supposed to be better, but thats attributed to the software consuming less power.

You are able to upgrade the k750i with the w800i software which would make the two models
very similar.
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  1. Quite true being an owner of a W800i myself, I like the design of the K750 better but the W800i comes with little upgraded features and tweaks than the K750 which is why I prefer the W800i even thou you can upgrade the K750 to act like a w800i
  2. agreed, w800i owner. had the k750i for about 5 months. had some problems with it reception wise (just my k750i) and decided to upgrade it to the w800i.
    awesome phone, i like the joystick and metal menu/walkman buttons. i like the camera lens design too, makes it look like a real camera (well it is, but on a phone).
    but overall very similar to the k750.
    i don't like the new earphones too much, when i try to use it as a headset, u have to clip it to something near your mouth. with the k750 it's easily adjusted.
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