2 wireless routers (1 work, 1 personal) connected to 1 modem

I have had a modem and wireless router connected (and working fine) for years. This week I started a work-from-home job with my company and they brought me a wireless router (and laptop) that I am supposed to use for work matters only. I suppose they have some sort of security software on the work router that blocks certain sites while I am logged into the work servers, and maybe they are monitoring use, who knows.

Right now I have to switch routers back and forth 2x a day. Is there a way to connect both routers to my modem and just choose which wireless network to connect to (the work vs personal)? The work laptop is connected to the work router via ethernet, not wirelessly, even though it's a wireless router.

The main things to watch out for are: I can't let the work router know my personal browsing stuff, and I can't let my personal router know my business stuff. HIPA rights. :)

Do I need a switch? HELP!
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  1. you could try to connect the work router to your home router and enter the IP that the work router was assigned into the DMZ of the Home router which is similar to connecting the work router directly to the modem.

    not sure if it will work if you are using VPN to your office never tried that. HIPPA rules should not be effected by this setup.
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