Hp laserjet 4p driver windows 7

I need to dwonload a copy of the driver for my old HP laserjet 4p to work on Windows 7.

My old computer with windows 7 hgas it, but I can't find where Windows hides the driver. I thought I cpould copy it from there.

Can anyone help?
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    If you go to the product support page:

    and select Windows 7, it says:
    You do not need to download drivers for this product. Print drivers for your product are available within the Windows 7 operating system. Use Devices and Printers, formerly known as the Add Printer Wizard, to obtain the Windows 7 update. For more information, go to Install the Printer Driver through the Windows 7 Operating System (c02536257) (in English).
  2. Thankyou, I still could not download the drivers, but found that the usb seemed to be playing up. I tried another usb port, and windows found the new printer and installed the appropriate drivers.
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