Where to buy HyDis?

Hello. I desperately need a Hyundai Q17 or ProphetView 920 DVI by Christmas as a gift for my son.

Every online retailer I've found is out of stock.

Can anyone please help out a father in need? My son really needs it and I'd love to suprise him on Christmas morning.

I like in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, if anyone knows any real stores in my area with it in stock I'd also be very happy.
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  1. http://www.digitalriver.com/dr/v2/ec_MAIN.Entry10?V1=621584&PN=1&SP=10023&xid=39634&DSP=&CUR=840&PGRP=0&CACHE_ID=0

    Thats the hercules online store. I don't know about getting it by christmas, but if you're willing to pay enough I'm sure they could get one of the 920 Pro DVI to you by then.
  2. They're out of stock. Any other ideas?
  3. Does anyone know the physical dimensions of the actual display w/o the stand? And does the display detach from the stand?
  4. I don't have the exact screen dimensions, but there's about a one inch casing around the actual screen.

    It is detachable from the stand and wall-mountable.
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