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SO, finally i'm going for WINXP home edition...been using 98SE for quiet a while....
Before i do the switch i was hoping for help as to if i need to download any new drivers for my hardware before switching....and which ones would be best( for the video card )

P41.5GHZ on an ABIT TH7 ( 850 chipset )
PLEXTOR 16-10-40
Toshiba DVD SDM 1502
Creative DTT 200 5.1
MAG Monitor DJ707
Logitech Optical Freedom mouse and keyboard
POS modem : Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone modem ( sucks bigtime)
Powmax 400 W, 128 RDRAM Samsung

Now, are certain drivers needed for XP, or are they bundled in it?? like:
INF files, ATA application accelerator, HP Lasejet 1100, Canon scanner N650U, Epson color 660 printer

to make a long story i have to go to each and every site and download the XP drivers for each of my hardware...or they come in the XP...and if not...which ones should i download beforehand
P.S. my shitty modem has no XP drivers but it has drivers for WIN2000....will the drivers for W2K work??
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  1. I don't see anything that would require special drivers on your list and i'm sure XP has it's own built in drivers for everything there. That being will probably wanta get some XP drivers for your video card and sound card other than that unless there's something special the other drivers for your equipment have then the XP drivers should do ya good.

    I never loaded any drivers for my printer, nic, mouse etc and you can get away with the XP video and sound drivers if you don't care much about that but it's best to get the manufactorer ones for those.

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  2. <b>Toejam31</b> had a great post on his installation method that hasn't failed him. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's the thread</A>

    Anyway, it should answer a lot of your questions. If you can get away with it, use the default XP drivers for your SB Live. The only thing that you would want to try and find for sure are drivers for your video card, motherboard chipset, and modem. If you can get a better ones, I think it would be worth your while.

    Check out the manufacturer's websites for your printer, sound card, video card, motherboard, and mouse and keyboard. I'm not sure if you need a lot of drivers to download.

    Personally, I just have to install my motherboard's chipset drivers and video drivers. Everything else is just fine...even my Xerox DocuPrint M760. XP is really good in detecting drivers for a lot of peripherals.

    If you have any other Windows XP questions, please check out <A HREF="" target="_new">my website</A>, especially the page that links to other helpful sites.

    By the way, if you ever get a chance to get more memory, I think getting 128MB extra would make everything run much more smoothly. But, you can see how it looks after installing it initially.

    Good luck!

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  3. Windows XP does have a Radeon driver, but you will definately want to download the newest one from ATi. The driver bundled with XP supports DirectX only; no OpenGL support. The printers and scanners you have will probably be supported by XP... not sure about that ATA application accelerator... you'll probably have to update that.

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  4. The Intel Application Accelerator and the Ultra ATA Storage Driver need to be removed before upgrading, and then reinstalled afterwards, or there could be a problem with the IDE controller. You should install the beta 2.0 version of the App. Accelerator, even if the operating system complains - the driver is not signed.

    Window XP will automatically install drivers for your modem.

    There is also a default driver for the Logitech Mouse, but that doesn't come with the Logitech Control Center. The newest driver on the website is functional in Windows XP.

    You'll probably find several newer drivers for your hardware on the Windows Update site. But you <i>should</i> go browse the manfacturers websites for information regarding the <A HREF="" target="_new">scanner</A>, <A HREF=" Jet&tab=index.html" target="_new">inkjet</A>, and <A HREF="" target="_new">laser printer</A>.

    Don't let yourself be slack, and not have the correct drivers on hand after the upgrade.

    Your best bet is a clean installation, and the addition of RAM. While Windows XP will run with 128MB of RAM, it may not be very fast. The sweet spot with this OS, IMHO, is 512MB.


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