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Router Keeps Disconnecting. New router?

So, my problem is exactly what is described in the title. I'm a college student living with 4 other people and our router, a Belkin F5D7234-4 v3 (01), keeps disconnecting. My house mates insists that there is a wiring problem and that the router "never disconnected before," and thus does not think that the router is the problem. However, for every disconnection, restarting this router (not the modem, which is a SpeedStream [DSL]) would fix the internet connectivity problem. This is getting quite annoying and I would like to know what options I have.

If there is a fix for this sort of problem, I'm all ears. The firmware version is 3.00.03.

However, I'm prepared to hear responses like: "that is a piece of crap" and "get a new router."

But what router should I get? What router is fairly good? I, personally, like D-Links as they sell good low-cost routers, but next year, we are moving to a new house and opt'ing out for a better connection (Around 20-30MBps).

Is there a good wireless router that can effectively accommodate our needs? I will probably have to pay for this router myself so a low cost solution would be greatly appreciated (Around $50 or less would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions and criticism). Linking to Newegg, Amazon, Mwave, or TigerDirect is fine. I live in California, so any website that ships out here is fine.

I thank you guys in advance.
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  1. Since it is G, I assume that it is older and not something that you bought in the last year or two? It certainly could be the router failing, and sounds most likely since recycling it fixes the issue for a while. I would test it with another router, so best to buy one that you can return, if it doesn't fix the issue.

    I use a lot of DLink DIR-655 routers for both routers and access points and find them to work well. The are wireless N, 2.4GHz band only but the dual band (with 5GHz) will cost quite a bit more and you probably don't need it anyway if a G has been working.

    Look for a sale, they are like $75 on Newegg, but I've gotten several for $50 on sale.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply RealBeast. However, I am getting extremely tired of this router!! I really do not wish to wait any longer to fix this problem (and I don't have $80 to shell out on this...). It has gotten worse recently.

    The odd thing is that, I am able to stay on voice chat (like Skype or Raidcall) even when I am unable to surf the internet. What is up with that?

    There's a recertified router on Tiger Direct. Should I get this?

    Or should I get this less expensive DIR-615. It's only $30 after instant savings and coupon.
  3. While that is a great router, I avoid re-certified products as they usually have poor warranties and are just not the same quality as new units. That said, I would get that before I went for a 615, which is a poor router.

    Another option is to get a good second tier brand, like this: I've used a number of TP-LINK products and they have all worked well, although I have not tried this router personally.
  4. I'll think about it. I'm not too familiar with the brands of good routers. I've been using a D-Link all my life and when my house mate brought this Belkin into my life, it scared me to try anything else, since it is giving us so much grief. What other brand names are good at producing nice routers? I only know of D-Link, Cisco, and Linksys.

    Oh and I was wondering if you know whether or not Newegg provides free shipping should I feel the need to return the item.

    I thank you again for your help.
  5. No, Newegg does not provide free return shipping and usually charges a 15% restocking fee. I would go to a Best Buy and get a router there, test with it, and then return it -- they do allow returns and charge no fee for 30 days, just open it carefully and save all the packaging.
  6. Hmm, I actually changed some of the settings of my network adapter and I haven't been disconnecting lately. I cannot confirm that this has fixed my problem, but I hope it has.

    (I disabled 802.11h [since it's a G router anyways] and changed the channels that the network adapter was listening to?? [from 0-11 to channels 0-14])

    [EDIT] Spoke too soon. Just disconnected. I hate Belkin ...
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    Only channels 1-11 are used in North America, Europe and Japan have 13 and 14 channels respectively. In the US on G wireless there are only 3 channels that do not overlap with other channels: 1, 6, and 11.

    Sorry to hear that it is still a problem.
  8. Got a new router... Problem persists. There may just be a ton of interference in the house... Only going to be here for about 3 more weeks so I guess I'll just stick it out. Thanks for the help. (New router was not faulty. Tested back at my parents place and it works perfectly. Their router just died recently, so I bought it at a good time.)

    Thanks again~
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