ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless-N: No connections


We just built a new desktop and everything is showing as working fine. This adapter is showing no errors. But we cannot find any networks to connect to. Our laptops show 6 available networks, with ours (from our Netgear N750 router) being the strongest.

Ready to pull remaining hair out; any suggestions?
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  1. I don't have any suggestions, but I have exactly the same problem. I had this card in an older XP pc, and it worked just fine as an AP. Then I moved it to my newer PC, which runs 7 64-bit, and I wanted to use it as a station, and it now behaves exactly like you describe. I've tried installing drivers directly from Realtek, but they appear to be the same as Asus is offering...
  2. I did find something:

    Are you using ZoneAlarm? Here's something from Asus' website

    Why can’t install driver of PCE-N15 in Win7?
    Please confirm whether PC had installed antivirus software—“ZoneAlarm” or not.
    There is compatibility problem with some wireless NIC (network interface card) and ZoneAlarm currently.
    That will cause PCE-N15 can’t be installed completely, so we suggest not using PCE-N15 and ZoneAlarm at the same time.

    I haven't confirmed this will solve MY issue, but I have a feeling it will.
  3. It did solve my problem!
  4. I have been pulling my hair out over this. Started with USB and PCI wireless cards, tried 6 different versions. Allowed me to install but not enable the wireless. So, I then tried the Asus PCE-n15, progress as It is installed and now enabled but no connections. This machine is running AVG free antivirus and never has had zone alarm. I have tried countless things like diable anti virus, uninstall antivirus and reinstall, usb, pci, now Pce. Can someone help me with this.. please??? Obviously if I've done all this I've tried all the painfully obvious like updated drivers and such. I am at a loss, this should work I have 6 other machines that this pce-n15 is plug and play, why not this machine?

    Asus m2a-vm
    amd quad proc
    6gb ram
    win7 64 home prem
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