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my computer has been hang by virus how can i remove the virus?
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  1. first do a full virus test with your anti virus software without network connected to the net .
  2. You can remove virus from your system virus by using latest updated antivirus available in the market. Here i want to give one advice to you use McAfee Antivirus for scanning your system. You can make a contact with " McAfee Support " team at any time for solving your problem.
  3. edwardsmith, this problem was three months old so I reckon the OP has fixed his problem by now.

    Adding McAfee would have doubtful if any benefits - Windows 8 ships with a version of Defender which has been improved from earlier versions to include aspects of Microsoft Security Essentials and is quite effective. Adding a third party utility at extra cost is unnecessary and their free versions would be second best because of their reduced functionality.
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