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I recently acquired a Netgear WNR1000v3 wireless router. I'm using it for both wired and wireless purposes. I have a 3 part situation.

1. I want to connect a pair of Nintendo DS systems, a Sony PSP, and an Amazon Kindle, as well as 2 laptops and an Apple Macbook. None of the listed devices are having any luck. The DS systems must use WEP security, or else they won't be able to interact with the router at all.

2. I want to connect an Xbox 360 and a Sony PS2 with LAN cables, to do periodic updates on each. Both are recognized by the router, but I can't get any data transferred by downloading.

3. I'd like to know if it is not possible, is there a good wireless router on the market that's not priced too bad (maybe $50 or less)?

Thanks to anyone who can help out.
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  1. First of all I recommend forgetting about the DS systems altogether. If you set your Wireless encryption type to WEP then a hacker can break into it in about 30 seconds. You should use WPA2.

    You should try upgrading your router to the latest firmware, then doing a factory reset on it. Set a new wireless password, then try connecting all your devices. if that fails then you should purchase a new router. any name brand router will do what your asking. Netgear, Linksys, Dlink, etc.
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