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I am having problems with a linksy routor in my wii fi network.(got 2 computers and smart TV) I was going to watch netflix -It has no conection.Main router is in back room and it is wii fii to this and the other computer-and was to connect with tv router.It is wire from router to a LG blue ray dick player.I checked with them and they sent me to Linkskys. To reconfigure my system they were going to charge me $100 I would appreciate any help to do this.
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Is the TV fitted with a USB wireless dongle and, if so, is it plugged into the correct USB Port? Some TV's specificy which Port to use.

    The router should need no configuring although you will need to input the wireless security key and you can see how to find that in our Sticky Post on this subject.

    Please post back if you need more advice.

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