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Hello, I have been having unusual problems with my laptop and internet, my laptop keeps disconnecting then reconnecting back up to my internet router, the time delay between disconnecting and then reconnecting is under 1 minute, does anyone know what is happening and how I can fix it?
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  1. Does it have the most recent driver for the wireless installed?Does it have a software firewall installed?
  2. I'm not sure, as I say this only started occurring when my internet, only my laptop not any other machine in the house, went dead I then pressed the connection button, F2, and it worked again, ever since it has been disconnecting and then connecting back up with the internet, hope this helps.

    -Regards Jake
  3. Is this computer running Vista?
    Does it have any manufacturer-provided bloatware for managing your wireless connections?
    Is the wireless card internal or an external add-on (PCMCIA, USB)?
    Is the access point broadcasting more than one SSID?

    Any further info you can provide will help in getting an answer you can use.
  4. I'm not into this technical stuff but my laptop is windows 7 and this problem hasn't occured before
  5. Good deal. So, can you determine whether the wireless connection is being managed by Windows or a vendor-provided connection manager?
  6. I have an internet router
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