Am on 1st build and not sure what software to get.

So far I am getting windows 7 professional and microsoft office home and business. I am not sure what to get as far as protection. I know there is virus,malware,spyware. Other than the virus protection, I do not even know what malware and spyware are or mean. Also, I don't know if there is anything else to protect against. Any suggestions on all the sofware I would need would be greatly appreciated. I would need a complete list as I am clueless .lol. I just want my system FULLY protected is all. My hardware costs are around $2000. So I would like to keep cost down but I am not willing to sacrifice protection just to save some money. If I have to spend ,I will definitely pay what I need to, to be sure I am covered. Thanks.
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  1. Hi :)

    I fix viruses EVERY day in my computer shops...


    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thanks so much. So I buy that and my computer should be fully protected against anything?
  3. GDATA Internet Security is the best!
  4. Well i work in computer store as Technician . Norton Internet Security 2012 seem to be most popular one but not the best.

    Most Internet Security are almost the same, just one is a bit better than another one( such as lower memory resource , better UI, better virus definition ).

    For me, i don't use any antivirus or internet security( dont know why i never get virus lol). I do download ( average 300GB per month).

    Microsoft internet security is free and pretty good for most people( i installed on most clients computers if they don't want Norton or McAfee or NOD32).
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