Best RAID Setup?

I have a Iwill KK266-R motherboard and want to setup a new RAID array. What is the best disc Configuration for a RAID 0+1? How should I set the discs?
Master0 - Master1 is strip
Slave0 - Slave1 is mirror
Or another setup?

What is the best strip size when that files are from various sizes but I want the best output for very big one?

Finally what are the best HD for RAID IDE? My target will be 40 Gb drivers.
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  1. the best performance would be raid 0 and the safest would be raid 1. or you could go for the ubarrrrrr 0+1

    well are you going to be using ntfs or fat32?

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  2. He really ought to use ntfs cause it's a lot easier to recover data if shiznit happens.

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  4. I put in my mind to try a 0+1. I have 4 WD400BB, I wanted WD600BB but they are super hard to find, they seems to be super popular over here (Japan).

    I have only Win98 for the moment, but I will propably migrate soon to 2000 Pro. I have delay much the transition because the PC is also used a lot for gaming and I don't want to have X boots. XP isn't maching my needs, unless the SP1 fixed all the problems, but knowing MS it will take at least until SP2.
  5. I investigated this. The marginally better setup was with the strip set in the master positions and the mirror set in the slave positions. This was with a Highpoint 370 controller, might be different with the AMI controller.

    Stripe size should be 64K. But Maxtor 370DX drives.
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