Bridging two DHCP controlled networks via bridge?


OK, I'll try and explain this simply. We have 2 DHCP controlled networks at our work:

Network 1: EOC connection. We use this for Internet access, office computers, a POS server and our POS systems. Mostly windows xp and some win 7 systems. Server is Windows 2008 server, but is not controlling DHCP nor a domain. It's just a computer on the network. Directly behind the EOC box is a router using DHCP to manage a 192.168.1.x network. All computers on this network are using 192.168.1.x addresses via DHCP.

Network 2: Comes in on a separate DSL line. Primarily a Linux network controlling several linux based machines. This network has it's own router behind the DSL modem managing DHCP using 175.69.1.x (or something close to that) addresses.

Someone decided to "bridge" these networks by simply plugging each network into the same switch via Cat 5 cable. Bad idea.

The first problem we had (of course) was that the DHCP servers conflicted immediately, so we had to set half of this "mongrel" network to static IPs like 192.168.1.x, and the other computers are getting their addresses via DHCP from the 176.68.1.x network router.

This works - badly. The second router keeps "resetting" the server address on network 1, screwing up our POS systems. But we still need to access the linux machines on network 2 (via http) from the office machines on network 1.

I am thinking the solution to this issue is to place a 3rd router as a bridge between the two networks. Is this correct?

The goal is to be able to be sitting at machine 192.168.1.x on one network, open a web browser, type in a 176.67.1.x address and have the linux web-based application come up from the other network.

Possible? If so, how would this be set up correctly?

Thank in advance! =)
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