Hello i have a older computer that has a celeron D 2.93GHz and 1GB of Ram and currently has windows xp home 32bit on it. I have others computers with windows 7 and I love it. I wanted to know if I install Win 7 32 Bit on the Celeron pc will it slow the performance or will it stay the same or what. Thanks for your time and answers
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  1. put a dual core cpu and 2 gig of ram in it or stick with xp.
  2. Yeah, with 1GB you're probably better off sticking with XP.

    You can install Windows 7 and it will work, but the system will probably start to bog down due to lack of memory with fewer active programs than you're currently able to use in XP.
  3. Stick with XP buddy! It is the best suiable for your Celeron System!
  4. i have backup computer with

    XP Pro 32bit
    P4 HT 3.0ghz
    FX5500 256MB AGPx8
    1GB/DDR1 RAM

    thats probably enough specs but i can't run WIndows 7 32bit smoothly even i set the setting to Performance Mode were all visual effects are turned OFF i dont know if it was the FX5500 fault cause it doesnt have latest driver for Windows 7 or just my CPU/RAM is older

    i suggest stick with XP and GO with Windows 7 if you have DualCore and Higher i heard it runs great on DualCore and up.. my other backup computer with this specs

    Windows 7 32bit
    Core2Duo E7500 2.93
    GMA/G31/G32 (Chipset) (No Videocard)
    2GB/DDR2 RAM

    it runs great i played "STALKER CALL OF PRIPYAT" with constantly 30+FPS
    (LOW setting) and Windows 7
  5. Windows 7 simply uses tons of memory when in clean boot mode.

    winxp was 500mb w/ all programs and setup that I use.
    And currently my win7 uses 1500mb w/ all programs ans setip as above.
    Still I don't like the slowness of win7, so I turn off all bells and whistles. I have quad core, 6gb ram.

    Your 1gb of ram will not stand, but I think your celeron is fine.

    I think, stick w/ winxp if you cannot buy ram for a cheap price.
    Or buy some ram and make it 3gb, two more 1gb stick, and use win7.
  6. I'll join the others and say to stay with XP. I still have one old computer running XP and don't think its worth it to try Win7 on it. Even with 3 gig of ram, Win7 would still demand more than the old machine has to give.
  7. just installed win7 on an old athlon 2600 xp machine 1.5gb ram and it runs great.
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