How can i make a wifi network from my laptop?

I would like to make a network for my house where my laptop connects to my home wifi and other computers can connect to my laptop and get internet, almost like ad-hoc but i would like it to work with infrastructural devices also i do have some spare routers available.
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  1. First you will need to enable WiFi on your laptop by setting the switch on the side to ON. After that is done, turn on your Laptop and go to the Network Connections Window. (Scroll your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and double click the Icon with the bars)

    From there you should be able to see existing networks. You said you already have a home network, connect to it.

    If you have spare routers available I wouldn't connect the other devices to your laptop, because a network interface card wasn't designed to have all that data going through it.

    I'd connect the second router to the first via Cat 5 (or 6) ethernet cable. One end of the Ethernet cable should go into the "Modem" part of the "Second" router, and the second end of the Ethernet cable should go into one of the other ports on the "first router".

    ***If you can, just connect the devices via Ethernet or WiFi to the first router. If you can't connect the two routers via Ethernet Cable.

    "Other Computer 1"
    - Install Motherboard drivers
    - Check Device manager to verify network card drivers are installed
    - Connect Ethernet Cable to RJ 45 Network Port, run ethernet cable to router, connect into any spare port.
    -Try connecting to internet.
    -Do this for all PC's

    ***If you have any trouble connecting to the internet, go into your router settings by typing (it may be different depending on router - to find this information visit your router manufacturer website) and verifying that MAC filtering is turned off.

    Any problems/questions please post them.
  2. i dont have access to the home router
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