Router Reset, Will all the computers on the LAN lose internet connecti

If I do a factory reset on a router, does that mean the computers on the LAN will not be able to access the Internet?

I'm thinking yes, at first... but then the router will configure it's self automatically to re-allow connection ?

Is this way of thinking correct?
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  1. Depends on what type of router you are talking about. Computers connected to a home router with a simple setup will be fine once the router restarts.

    An enterprise router with VLAN setup or static routes setup, things like that, will need to be re-configured manually.
  2. Yes the computers will loose connection to the internet during the process of the router's hard reset. But once the router is back up and working the DHCP will assign the connected device's new IP addresses and allow internet access. The only thing you may have to reconfigure for internet access purposes is anything dealing with Wireless access. So if you want to set up encryption (which I recommend) then you would have to reconfigure that in the router, then setup the SSID and password on each computer connected to the router through the wireless AP.
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