Maxtor or IBM

I have a choice of either getting a 60gb ultra100 IBM deskstar, OR for 13 dollars more, a 60gb ultra133 Maxtor hard drive.

Is it worth the 13 bucks more to go to ultra133? Am I gonna see that much of a difference in performance?

I've heard some "not so good" things about maxtor so I'm sorta swayed to the ibm hard drive a bit. But if it's that great a difference in performance to go with the ultra133, then I might take the risk and go with the maxtor one.

any help or opinions appreciated

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  1. What model is that Deskstar? It doesn't matter...just stay away from them for now until they prove themselves again.

    Is that Maxtor HD you're looking at a D740X? If so, go for that one. ATA133 isn't too big of a difference. That just effects the burst rate.

    By the way, where have you heard the "not so good" things about Maxtor? I haven't read anything bad at all. You should've heard about the IBM Deskstar 75GXP and 60GXP, if you've heard about Maxtor. :wink:

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  2. The good I've heard about Deskstar was word of mouth (friends or the dood standing next to me at frys or someplace). I guess the mind always makes those comments more valid than when you read something somewhere. HA! Idiot brains of ours.

    But yah, I did read a few posts here a while back about maxtor having longevity issues. It wasn't hundreds or anything, but I've heard that. Of course, I've heard some friends of mine say that they ordered a new gateway or dell with an IBM in it and it was DOA. So HA!. There goes the Mind Again.

    Oh hell. My name does fit.

    Anyway. Thanks for your opinion. It is the D740X, so I'll just spend the extra 13 bucks. It aint gonna kill me.

    Thanks again.

    <b>If it aint broke then, hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  3. Yeah, it's cool. :lol:

    By the way, this site is dope to research that stuff: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  4. Cool, thanks again.

    <b>If it aint broke then, hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  5. I have the 40gb D740x and it's been a great drive. I always buy Maxtor drives when i have a choice.

    Tom's Hardware Tested... Buyer Approved!!
  6. I bought a D740X-6L 40GB a couple of days ago. I had a Quantum Fireball AS 20 GB go bad on me and I had to install another drive. It's faster than the old Quantum but it's a tiny bit noisier and a lot warmer. I think I should find a HD fan because my case is so cramped and hot...
  7. I was skipn around your posts, and didnt noticed you didnt mention anything about having the 133 controller? If you dont just go with the IBM, techsupport is alteast good with them, but notice that modle is being discontinued. If you do have i would have to say to go with the maxtors, its ture that youll only notice burst speeds, but the over all platter quality int he maxtor is better than the IBMs. The IBMs have a problem with the heads looking out due to heat.


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  8. Prior to my D740x i had a Quantum Fireball LCT20. The speed gains i got when i went to the D740x were amazing. That's probably because the LCT20 wasn't the 7200rpm version it was the 4500rpm version. No that isn't a typo, it really was 4500rpm....

    Tom's Hardware Tested... Buyer Approved!!
  9. MAXTOR all the way my friend.
    Stay away from IBM drives.
    Out of 60 new computers with Deskstar Drives at the office, 34 dropped dead in a matter of weeks.
    The IT Dept replaced all 60 with... Maxtor drives.
    A friend of mine, not following my advice, followed another friend's advice to get a 75GXP Deskstar in his brand new PC. It failed five seconds after pressing the ON button for the very first time (which was confirmed by the vendor). He's been listening to ME ever since.
    Do yourself a favor and go with MAXTOR!
    Like all mechanical things, you might encounter problems. But it's less likely to happen in a Maxtor than in an IBM.
    Good luck!

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  10. I have been running 2 IBM 75GXp 60gig drives in a RAID setup up and an IBM 60GXP 20gig as my OS drive for a year now with no real complaints. I even broke a pin somehow (drunk one night), soldered it back in and the drive still works.

    In one of Toms latest hard drive guides there is an IBM 60GXP in the top listings and in one benchmark it beats the latest Western Digital drives that are supposed to be so nice.

    I have read articles on the IBM GXP drives having a heating and failing problem though. The click of death? My drives are right in fornt of two fans so maybe that's why I have not had any problems yet.

    My 2 cents

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  11. Yep, I'm set with the 133 controller. This should go nice with it from the way it sounds.

    Oh, and Thanks everyone for all the comments and opinions. I for sure think I'll go with the Maxtor. I already have, actually. It'll be here on monday.

    Again, thanks. Great responses!

    <b>If it aint broke then, hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  12. I've noticed that Maxtor has models 6L060J3 and 6L060L3, the difference between them is:
    6L060J3 - this drive was manufactured in Japan with Ball Bearing Motor.
    6L060L3 - this drive was manufactured in Japan with a Fluid Dynamic Motor.

    can you explain me the difference and how does it effect the hard disk?
  13. Hmmm, I thought the 6L060J3 was made in Singapore. Anyway, doesn't matter, you can view the FDB white paper <A HREF="" target="_new"> here</A>. Here you can read about the <A HREF="" target="_new"> lubricant</A> inside your FDB hardisk.

    In any event, I shouldn't worry about it too much as the fluid dymanic bearing hardisks are due to become industry standard in the future.
  14. thanks!
  15. Mine is a 6L040J2 and is made in Singapore. I read this info in in the Maxtor D740X-6L drive review:

    6L= the HD model (D740X-6L)
    040 = size of the drive (40 GB in my case)
    J and L = exactly what you said, normal ball bearing and fluid bearing spindles respectively
    2 = [probably] the number of heads (?)
  16. I bought a Dell 2 years ago. Came with and IBM Deskstar 45Gb 7200 RPM ATA100 HDD.
    Nothing but trouble right from the beginning and dead within 6 months.
    Dell replaced the IBM under warranty with a Maxtor 60Gb 5T060H6. Working FLAWLESSLY eversince. I added another of the same over a year ago. I got it at CompUSA on sale for $99. Not a hint of a problem with the second Maxtor either.
    Maybe a little noiser than the IBM, but then the IBM was REALLY quiet when it rolled over and died.
    I trust Maxtor, stay away from IBM.
  17. My IBM Deskstar 60GXP 40GB has been PERFECT to me. Quiet, fast and VERY RELIABLE. I havn't had a simgle problem with it and I've had it almost a year.

    Steven Graham

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  18. maxtor = good reliable low falure rate
    IBM = better perfomace with very high falure rate

    u decide :}

    :cool: <font color=blue>The Hardware Junkie</font color=blue> :cool:
  19. Sir. You sound the way I sounded until yesterday. 13 months and boom.

    I don't suggest you replace it, but I do suggest you keep regular (at least weekly) backups.

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  20. yes... the D740X is a decent drive. ive got the 80Gb version. course its not as good as my newest additin, the western digital 800JB with 8Mb cache :wink:

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  21. noted

    Windows XP Works on a K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB RAM!!!!!!
  22. how about the new 120GXP drives...I heard they are better than the past models...I bought 1 IBM 80GB 120GXP model and so far it has been working since the first week of July...I also transfered about a total of 40 GB of data at one go and no problems occured...I guess not all IBM drives are defective...if so then IBM is screwed! hehe
  23. I don't know much about the 120GXP line yet. But judging by the past trouble IBM had with its HDD business, I'd avoid them for the time being. Maxtor, WD and Seagate are way better choices for now. I suggest you keep the backups coming... just in case.

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  24. The same kind of problems are beginning to pop up with the 120GXP drives, so I'd follow Oracle's advice and keep up with the backups.

    IBM has lost a great deal of money with their hard drive division over the last few years, so they have made a "partnership" with Hitachi (which is basically a buy-out). Enjoy having an IBM drive while you can ... there won't be many more, and eventually you'll have to go to Hitachi for support. What that will involve ... your guess is as good as mine.

    What it means to me is that installing an IBM disk is no longer a viable option for a new system.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Hitachi takes over IBM hard-drive biz</A>


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  25. bought the "damn" thing before I read about IBM drives being Death Stars...bought it too coz it was 10-15 bucks cheaper! I wanted a Maxtor or WD but savings is savings...crap! hopefully mine would be a miracle and last 2 years when I get a new rig...also I bought the IBM drive to be a backup drive...uh-oh I guess! hehe
  26. well still use both.... on for data the other backup.

    theres only a very small chance that both will die at once. :smile:

    thats the idea behind redundant RAID 1 arrays.

    <b>Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped! :cool: </b>
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