Windows 8 Internet does not works with WIFI


I have Toshiba Qosmio Q60 and I recently update with Windows 8. It was working all fine and suddenly it stops connecting to internet on Wi-Fi. The exact problem is as below:
1. Connect to router and internet on LAN ( Ethernet connection).
2. Connect to router on Wi-Fi. I can configure my router on Wi-Fi and every thing is fine.

3. No internet is available if connected to Wi-Fi.
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  1. Have you tried to completely uninstall the wi-fi and then see if Windows 8 can find the might be something to do with legacy drivers getting in the way.

    If you want advice on how to perform a complete uninstall just shout...(I didn't want to insult your intellegence by simply typing it up at this point!) :)
  2. Make sure you install the February updates. For Window RT at least they updated and fixed some Wifi issues.
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