Windows 7 Likes SSDs Apparently

HotHardware posted some HD and SSD benchmarks for Windows 7. Turns out SSDs go really quick on 7—more so if the disk firmware supports some MS technology called TRIM.

Now I want to install an SSD on my laptop... my current WEI hard disk score of 4.1 is nothing compared to that Intel SSD's 7.1! :(
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  1. That's why my RAID-0 Velociraptors only score a 6.1
  2. I should add, my average read is 194mb/s and my max is around 230. Burst is in the 250 range and I only get a the bench above an SSD that gets a 7.1? Cuz that would be a ripoff! I wonder if it takes latency in to consideration, which of course would make a difference between the two.
  3. It does take random access into consideration. What RAID controller do you use?
  4. I get 7.7 Wei, 450 reads, 350 writes average, 2x OCZ vertex 30gb raid 0, regular hard drives suck compared, no comparison since using these... just alot of work to tweak maintain at first, then good to go.... by the way AMD SUCKS
  5. I'm only able to get 5.9 in WEI with RAID 0 640G WD Caviar Blacks : ( > in Win 7 with MSI GD70
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