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Well, I found out that the Hercules ProphetView 920DVi is available in Australia, through some very small shops. However, the price is almost double what the Q17 costs (prices from the same shop).

So that settles it. I'm not going to be able to get a Hercules, especially since their gaming quality is extremely similar. I did like the Hercules' looks more, but it couldn't move, and didn't have USB. So, I guess that cancels out.

I do have some final questions about the Q17 though, so if any of you have the Q17, I would really appreciate it if you answered my questions.

Most importantly (for me), what is the standard colour of the Q17? Some sites say silver, other's don't say at all. But it looks white in the picture. If it's silver, then I'm almost certainly getting it. Because I'm getting a Chenbro Xpider (silver), and Logitech MX cordless duo, silver or black would match fine, but not white or beige. [EDIT: The picture of the Q17 in THG looks silver, but the one from the hyundai site looks white. Is it just a poor picture?]

Less importantly, I am using an LCD Mac screen at my Dad's work right now. And I've noticed that it displays text (especially small text) quite poorly. This is worsened if the text has a grey background. What happens is some characters have 2 grey pixels rather than one black pixel, making the text look smudged. Does the Q17 have a problem with this?

Also, THG said that you can't adjust the brightness of the Q17. Instead, you need to manually adjust the temperatures. But if you do that, wouldn't it display the colours differently? I'm a bit confused. Why did THG set the brightness to 50 if it made no difference? And what does "We let HUE set the colours" mean (pardon my ignorance)?

So, if the Q17's silver, I'm getting it. And then I'll write a review about it for anyone who's considering buying it.
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  1. Here is my mini review of Q17:

    The color is silver certainly and it goes very well with my logitech MX700 and my Qbic EQ3401A.

    I dont see any different in changing the brightness, but you could change the colour temp. Tom's monitor profiles are also useful.
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