Iformated and need my outlook files back...

I revently formated my xp machine because it was runnin real slow and just started to suck all around. so i put Windows 7 on it. I backed up my outlook contacts emails and calander to the desktop, but i didnt put it on my hard drive... it stayed on the desktop. so its gone now and i was wondering how i would go about getting it back? if thats possible.

Ive tried a few programs but all are trials and wont let me savem. When i so the scans with these programs only a few come up. is it all lost? some one help please. :fou:
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  1. Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck. Considering all the writing that occurred when you installed Windows 7, you've possibly written over various pointers to the files and even what those programs would be able to undelete will more than likely be gibberish. That's why I always have my hard drives partitioned (or install multiple drives) and when I do a reinstall, I backup all the user profiles to a separate hard disk. In fact, to be REALLY safe, back them up to CD/DVD as well.
  2. I afraid that it is not possible! :(

    I did the same mistake 2 years ago & lost all .pst backup files & contacts.
    Tried with some full versions too.

    I was able to recover songs, images & video files but not the outlook backup files :(

    All the best & Be cautious in future!
  3. Also, you might consider moving to offline mail, such as gmail or yahoo (gmail is better IMHO).
  4. thank sugys. yea i never got the .pst files back and this sucks. but oh well thaks for the input! i will be more carefull.... in my words meaning less of a retard in the future.
  5. Please be more careful in future! All the best!

    You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)
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