Installed 512M stick, Bios only detects 256? :(

Can anyone help me out here?
I bought a brand new stick of Ram today, 512M "Legend" brand, PC133 SDRAM 168pin ECC

Installed it, booted up and it's only detecting 256M

My Motherboard is an Intel D815EEA and supposedly it supports up to 512M of ram. I've checked any applicable jumper settings - theres none.

I upgraded my Bios, and checked all of Intels website, there's nothing there about it. Checked the Ram chip itself, it actually has "512M, PC133" on it with a sticker. Theres also a sticker with "Intel Certified" on it.

When it boots up, it gives an error about "SERIAL PRESENCE DETECT (SPD) device data missing or inconclusive", but after looking that up, that basically means the pre-set RAM information hasnt been installed into that ram chip.

Anyway im not sure what to do? I'm thinking of taking it back tomorrow and exchanging it for to 256 sticks and trying that instead. What do you think?
I've tried using SiSoft Sandra, and also memtest86, both report only seeing 256M of ram.

Any ideas?
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  1. check <A HREF="" target="_new">this page</A>. It doesn't support ECC

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  2. Bad news for you. A lot of i815 boards would not support 512MB modules. In fact, when I bought my previous CUSL2, one of the praises it received was that it was the ONLY board at the time that would! Oh, the limit for your board is 512MB, you'll probably need 2 256MB sticks to get that.

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  3. Yes, 2 sticks x 256MB should run.
    But if you want obviously a single stick, search for a stick, where the number of memory modules is twice bigger. The chance is very small, indeed. But maybe this is the last thing you could do.
    And first try it, before buying it!!!!
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