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We have Windows Server 2003 running in the office on the Server Machine, and then WinXP on the Front Office machine, and Win 7 on the Managers Machine. I need to Install 2 Individual copies of Quickbooks, One on each of those machines, then just install the server Quickbooks Server on the Server Machine. I installed the Server on the Server Machine, but The WinXP machine cant access the CD drive to install the software on it. How do I install Quickbooks on both of these machines?

Please Help.
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  1. you computers don't have a CD drive?
  2. They do. The Win7 machine it installs on JUST fine. But the WinXP machine, it doesn't even list the drive as a device, nor does AutoPlay come up when the CD is loaded. Grr.
  3. you could share the CD drive on the other computer and access it over the network

    sound like the CD drive on the XP computer is either bad or not connected right
  4. Emerald, Spot on. In device Manager there isn't even an entry for CD/DVD Drives. I even tried pulling 4 other CD drives from other machines in the office and putting them in this machine and no joy. it never detects a CD drive at all
  5. Emerald, I cannot get the drive to recognize. I followed the advice and installed over the shared CD Drive on the other machine, But I need to get this CD drive to recognize still
  6. what kind of CD? IDE or SATA
  7. IDE unfortunately....
  8. is it set to Master or Slave?

    also check your BIOS settings that the IDE is not disabled. you should be able to see the CD drive in the BIOS
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