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I have been getting a power calibration error with my burner for some time and when it died totally I took it into the best buy where I have my warranty. Of course the "local's" knew nothing so they sent it away, two and a half weeks later I pick it up, they installed a whole new Philips cdd4851 12x drive, I was happy until I started it up and tried to burn only to get the same power calibration error. The best buy people didnt even test the thing before sending it back. I called my local store and they said they could send it back out, but first I'm seeing if anyone here can help me. I'm running windows ME, 1ghz, 384mb ram. I really need some advice, thanks.
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  1. I had a Phillips from BB. In fact I had 2 because I returned the first one only to find that the second was not much better. My advice is to destroy the Phillips in some new creative way and tape it. Never buy Phillips again and spend under $70 to get a shiny new LITE ON 40/12/48 delivered to your door.

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