Conflict between A7V333 and SonicFury/Santa Cruz


I've just upgraded replacing my aging Pentium II 400 with an AMD XP2100+ and Asus A7V333. I have retained my SonicFury (aka Santa Cruz) sound card and set the AUDIO_EN jumper on the motherboard to disable the onboard sound.

However, when installing the SonicFury's drivers Windows hangs when it tries to install the "Videologic Game Port" drivers. (Incidently, I'm running Win98 1st Edition).

Obviously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that the motherboard's game port is conflicting with the SonicFury's game port.

I have trawled Asus's and Videologic's websites for mention of this and haven't found anything.

I have contacted Videologic's Technical Support who have advised me to disable the motherboard's game port. This, of course, is the very information I have been searching the websites and manuals for.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Do you have a solution? I do not want to dispose of my SonicFury card?

In short... HELP!

Many Thanks.

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  1. Interesting. The first thing i would try is disabling the onboard game port in the hardware profile in windows 98.

    The second thing i would try is upgrading to windows XP cause your never gonna get best performance or compatibility out of a machine like that on windows 98=) Best reason to upgrade to XP is having an XP or a P4.

    You didnt mention it...but you probably have...but i'll say it anyhow-) Make sure you've got the latest bios installed, and are using the latest motherboard and sound card drivers, and most importantly, make sure windows 98 is fully updated, there are a jillion updates for 98 since the last release.

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  2. Apart from jumpers on the board itself, are there any available options regarding onboard sound/ports in the BIOS setup?

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  3. Is there a option disable the onboard game port? I also think it is a good idea to upgrade to Windows XP. Windows XP is a lot more stable than Windows 98.
  4. Hooray! I've fixed it.

    As advised, I've applied the latest of everything available: BIOS, Sound Card Drivers, everything.

    Then, I left the sound card out, set the jumper to re-enable the on-board sound, and booted up. I let Windows install all the drivers for the on-board stuff. Then, I went into Device Manager and disabled it all. (Whilst doing this, I noticed that the on-board game port appears as a dependant of the on-board PCI sound controller. Interesting).

    Then I switched off and re-installed the SonicFury. I left the on-board sound enabled. I booted, expecting problems with both devices being "active". But, to my surprise it started up fine. It saw the SonicFury and assigned all the drivers including the game port. Looking in the Device Manager, the on-board sound bits didn't show up. The only hiccup was that the (Videologic) game port had a yellow exclaimation next to it. It couldn't get an IRQ.

    Next, I switched off, disabled the on-board sound again using the jumper, and booted up again. This time everything came up fine including the game port.

    I did the obvious test (played something), and yes, I have sound!! I haven't tested the game port yet, but I don't think it'll cause a problem.

    In reply, to all those that mentioned Windows XP, I will be upgrading to that soon. But I'll be keeping my Win98 on a dual boot basis for the times when I want to run some of the older stuff.

    Many thanks for all your help guys.

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