Can't connect to my dvr over the net

Now I am no techi but I think i have set evrything up ok but when i input my host name in ie all that happens is that it brings up my router admin page. I don't see how i can get port forwarding wrong so thats not the problem, the dvr is a zeus and its using port 80, which according to a port checking tool is closed (is that the problem) the router is a Dlink dsl 2680. My host name is and the ip is set to public ip address, so up to press im stuck. If anyone can help this old man and stop me going mad i would be obliged any further info you require just ask.
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  1. Some ISP's block port 80. Can you change the port on the DVR then update your port forward?

    If your tool says port 80 is closed, then yes, that's the problem. The port needs to be listening.
  2. Hi since posting my question i have got a little further in that port 80 is now open but when typing my host name into IE (within my network) i still get my router log in page instead of my cctv log in page. My host name is !
  3. Given your router's administrative UI also runs over port 80, I can see where this would be a problem! IOW, you can't port forward any port that's already in use by the router on the same interface. The router receives the request and handles it itself, never forwarding it.

    This also suggests to me you have your router's administrative UI open on the internet side, which is normally a really bad idea. Just too risky given it's probably using HTTP and thus passing the username/password in the clear. In fact, disabling that would then open port 80 to use for port forwarding.
  4. I am so sorry but you have completely lost me Administrative ui ?
  5. If you are on the same lan. Have you simply tried using the dvr's IP address instead of trying to use You only need to use the domain name when your are off your local network.

    Brockholes meant your router's administrative User Interface. if it's using port 80, then you can't forward port 80 as it's already in use by your router's user (configuration) interface.
  6. Hi On my own network I can connect to the dvr no problem and open the cctv. The problem is I would like to be able to access the cctv from where ever i happen to be and that is where im struggling. Im no expert by any shade of imagination and as far as i know i seem to have done everything that is required but still cannot get access. If i use the host name in my browser from within my network it simpy takes me to my router log in page asking me for my user name and password. Ii get some one else outside of my network to try and log in using the host name its just says page not available. I feel im very close but missing something and have no idea what it is. My desktop is plugged into one lan on the router and the dvr is plugged into the other.

    The router is a dlink dsl 2680
    The dvr is a zeus from Adata
    IP of the dvr is
    Its using port 80 which is now open
    host name
    sub net
  7. That's what I said, you can't use (at home) because it takes you to your router. You need to use your dvr's IP address in your browser like doesn't work when outside your network because your router is already using port 80. You need to change the port the dvr is listening on if possible, then port forward your router to this new port number.

    So, if you can login to your dvr, change it's default port to 8080, then login to your router and port forward 8080 to

    Your next problem is that if your dvr is getting it's IP address assigned via DHCP, it's ip address can change anytime your reboot it or it loses power. If possible, assign a static IP address to it so that it never changes.
  8. Thanks Hawkeye ill try this and l will try this and let you know. Thanks for the help it really is appreciated.
  9. Right having looked at the DVR i can change the port to anything i want, but on the router Dlink dsl2680 there is no facility in port forwarding to stipulate a port other than the tcp port which is 37777 and the UDP port which is also 37777.
  10. Are you sure? Most routers will allow you to port forward any port that isn't currently in use. Perhaps your router's remote admin page is listening on port 8080. Have you tried other ports?
  11. Hi Hawkeye
    Cracked it at last, didnt realise that you had to port forward every port that the dvd was using totaly seperate. ie the tcp port was 37777 and the udp port was 37778 and http port was 80 (changed that to 81) Changed my router or at least talktalk changed it for me for a better router and looked at the virtual server settings and saw that there were some applications pre set up and realised that every port used had to be set up up seperately. Thanks for your help.
    All the best

  12. Glad you solved it... and yes, all required ports need forwarded. You only mentioned port 80 before so I didn't realize you had other ports you wanted forwarded.
  13. Put it down to my age, sorry about that!!

    Best Regards
  14. hi, im having the same problem.. im using D-Link dr600..
    i have my dvr network setup as "" and the http port setup was "88"

    in my dlink router i have setup the "virtual server" (not the port forward option not sure the difference) i added with port 88 public/private.
    i also have the ddns setup in the router as

    on my IE (using same LAN/internet) i can access my dvr thru and

    however when i am outside or in other friends house, i tried to type or the registered in my IE, i dont see my dvr anymore...

    can anyone help me how to solve this? is this port forwarding problem? im really stuck... and my dvr seller doesnt know either how to make it work:(

    iv tried the "" to see if my "port 88" is open, and it said no.. so i dont really know what to do next... because i was able to access locally with the same LAN with port 88.....
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