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I am unable to copy and paste with Windows 7. I am aware that I cannot post into c:\ , but believe I should be able to place my files anywhere else I want!

At present, the only way I can put something where I want it is to copy it anot an USB dongle, and then drag it back to where I really want it.This doesn't always work, either. I suspect it may be something to do with the 'orrible UAC?

This is infuriating, and RIDICULOUS. Can anyone help, please?
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  1. are you on the administrator account?
    what happens when you try to paste?

    you should be able to paste or drag any file into the C:\ (assuming that its your default drive)
  2. Thankyou for answering so quickly.I am the administrator - no-one else uses my computer.
    The option to paste is greyed out, wherever I try to put it.
  3. 1) Where have you tried to paste the information?
    This is because there are certain applications on windows that may not support the paste or a crtl V option.

    2) Have you logged in as an administrator?
    You may not have the permission by the administrator to perform some actions and paste could be one of the restrictions.

    3) Are you trying to paste it on the desktop folder from word viewer?
    If your answer is yes then follow the link below:

    Try doing CTRL+C to copy rather than from the menu & CTRL+V to paste.

    Waiting for your reply.
  4. Hello Saran - thankyou for answering.

    1) everywhere! What applicationswon't work, please?
    2) I am an administrator - no-one else uses my computer. Should I try and set up ANOTHER administrator
    3) No
    4) I do use ctrl c and ctrl v via right click
  5. I'm having the same problem, only it is worse. I'am unable to perform ANY file operation on windows 7 Professional. If I use individual applications (such as Word or winamp) then i can save or play files from external memory.
    Apart from that, I am totally unable to cut, copy OR paste any file from any location to any location on my computer.
    Please help!
  6. hey guys yesterday i found this similler issue, but tody i resolve ir, just use 3rd party software " tera copy " . all problems are gone cheers :bounce:
  7. Do u have Windows update pending? Restart. But it could be 100 different things.
  8. Can u go to the system restore and go back to the time when it was OK.
  9. raj555, its over a year old thread.
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