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I am having a problem connecting my cctv to the internet. I have a host name which is pointed to my public IP address. But despite everything appearing to be ok all that happens when I put the host name into my browser (I.E) is that it opens my router access page. If the host name is entered on IE from out side of the network it simply says the page cannot be opened.
I have a zues dvr which has the folowing settings
IP address is
TCP port 37777
UDC port 37777
HTTP port 80

Router is a Dlink DSL 2680

port fowarding has been completed

Despite all this I am unable to connect to the dvr and don't know why. Any help you can give this very frustrated old man would be appreciated to get this working.

Best Regards

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  1. First, you cannot access the CCTV inside your LAN using the URL.

    Second, many Internet providers block incoming port 80 because they do not allow people to host servers.
  2. Hi Phil
    Yes im sure that the problem is that the router is using port 80 same as the DVR so i just need to sort that out and i think i will have cracked it. Easier said than done but im getting there slowly.
  3. You can stop the router from using port 80 by disabling remote configuration. You really do not need to be able to make router changes from outside anyway.

    Now, this might fix the issue with accessing the CCTV from the outside, but it will not help from the inside.
  4. Thanks Phil will give that a try and let you know. Thanks for all the advice it is very much appreciated.
  5. Just to be clear, the reason you cannot use the URL to access the CCTV from inside your network is because the URL resolves to the external IP address of your router, but routers do not loopback connections to inside the network.

    There are two ways to resolve this:

    1. Use the IP address of the CCTV when you are inside your network.

    2. Modify the hosts file on each PC inside your network to add the URL and internal IP address. Windows uses the IP address in the hosts file first.
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