Download speed of 0.58 mbps?


I just build a PC and bought a TRENDnet 150 mbps mini wireless N USB adapter. My router is only 20 feet away but the download speed is abysmal and I don't know why.

I have an MSI motherboard 1155 ATX, I downloaded all the drivers, not sure if there is one for wireless or if that's based on the Trendnet driver's itself.

It's really making me upset because the laptop right next to me has 20 mbps downloading speed.

If anyone has any tips, software wise, please let me know. I don't think "move it closer" will do anything since my laptop and ipad are working just fine.


(i accidently put the in the Routers and Gateway forums instead of the wireless - if an admin can delete the other one that would be great)
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  1. Sorry but may i ask.. how can your download speed reach 20mbps? which is = to 2.5mb dl/s? And yes, shifting it nearer wont do any difference. Is it possible if you show us screenshot of the same download from the same site from 2 different pc? You can do a speedtest from the new PC you built. See wha'ts the difference.
  2. I'm not sure, but when I ran the test it says "20.66 Mbps." I ended up just bridging my PC to the laptop and it works great. Just wish I hadn't of spent 25 dollars on a wireless adapter when i have this giant laptop as a "replacement" adapter lol.

    I don't really know how to post a screen shot honestly x_X, but when I ran the speed test with the wireless adapter, it was "0.58Mbps" then after a while was barely even above 0.20. So I'm not sure what to do about wireless and I really want to get it fixed since I don't really want to keep my laptop on while I use my new PC.

    Any ideas? It's the TRENDnet 150 MBps mini wireless N USB adapter TEW-648UB. I downloaded the latest drivers for it and for my MSI mobo, so from thereon I have no idea what to do.
  3. Okay, im not sure how accurate the test is, but 20megabyte/s is really fast. Did you compare the downloading speed of an object? Whether both of them completes them at around the same period. You can try go to device manager and look up to the network adapters, then try to change the speed and duplex to auto-negotiate. If it's already at auto, make it to 100Mbps full duplex. What is the internet speed you subscribed for?
  4. I compared the download speed to my laptop and my laptop says 20mbps. I'm not sure what we subbed for, just know that it's verizon fios.

    I've used 2 internet adapters, both with internal antennas and 1 external antenna adapter. All have really really slow internet. Not sure what else I can do.

    I ended up just bridging my laptop to my PC and now it's at almost 23 mbps everytime i test it. Not sure if it's hardware problem or I'm missing some software but it just doesn't run fast at all.
  5. As in the downloading speed from maybe a site or something, not through And can you explain the setup of your network? Why are there 2 internet adapters? Basically you will only need one. Since yours' both wireless PC, just take the one with wireless connection and plug in into the live one. It's certainly not software. And did you try changing the speed and duplex option?
  6. I have this exact problem. I built my rig and got a Rosewill wireless N card. It seemed to work well for a bit but then suddenly the speeds I got from it dropped WAY down. .5 mb/s or so in Steam, down from 6 mb/s. And it can't be the router because my laptop (RIP) until recently could easily get that 6 mb/s or more from the same router. So I would bridge my laptop's connection to my desktop through a cat5 and all was well.

    But now my laptop is dead (completely) and I am left with crappy internet. I checked reviews and google but no one else seems to have this problem with this card.

    - I JUST fixed this. CHanged my encryption type from AES to TKIP and my speed is back.
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