No sound with soundbalster Pci 128

I have windows 98 with soundblaster pci 128. My problem is that that i don't have any sound. I have cdhanged the card with another one but nothing. I also have a pinnacle studio dv and i don't know if this could cause any trouble. One thing to mention is that when i run dxdiag i get a message in directsound that it is used by another caller (i will have to verify this). I don't have any problems installing the card. The drivers are ok and i even get the speaker icon in the taskbar. Any help?
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  1. This is the message i get from directsound. " Failure at step 3. (DirectSoundCreate) HRESULT=0x8878000a (The request failed because DirectSound resources, such as the priority level, were already used by another caller
  2. How many sticks of computer memory are in your machine?
    IF three (3), try only two (2). That means shut down the computer before you remove the third one.

    I have a coworker with a Creative Labs 128 that will not stop talking about not being able to use a third stick of computer memory with that sound card.

    He is the source of my suggestion.

    Every working computer must be improved .... or replaced ...
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