Replacing sata laptop hard drives from vista to 7

I want to put my old hard drive that has files and was used with windows vista and put it into a new windows 7 laptop. Is there any overlap or any config problems I can run into doing this? Or do I just put it in and the old files should work and all i have to do is update some drivers from vista to 7?
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  1. if you swap the HDD from your old laptop to a new laptop then you will have driver issues unless the two machines are identical.

    Are you just trying to use files (music / video / documents) as this is very straight foward. If however you are trying to use an entire Operating system (Vista instead of Windows 7) then you may encounter problems with the specific hardware.

    I would stick with Windows 7 and use a USB flash drive to copy my documents over
  2. So you would replace it and put the files you need on usb and put your windows 7 back in or is there a way to hook up a hard drive externally to a usb or through usb the laptop without putting it in?
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