CD-ROM tray not staying open

I'm having a strange problem in that my CD-ROM tray will not stay open for longer than a second or less. Which means i have to act fast to remove and place CDs. Not sure this really matters but it is a Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM. Can anyone please provide some insight on how i can resolve this problem?
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  1. My Acer 40x did the same and it was SO annoying!
    I changed to an Asus a while ago but still I'd be interested to know if there's a remedy. I even contacted Acer's horrid tech support but didn't get a proper answer.
  2. Ah, a Creative CDROM. Had a couple problematic ones which would pop open for no reason. It was a pain.

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  3. u tried grabbing it? :smile:

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  4. U asked if the brand matter: YES. I had a problem with my Creative 52X cd-rom drive too. But in my case the tray never closed, it opened 20 seconds later, wasn't reading the cds and the computer became slow.
    I bought a LG 32x10x40 cdrw drive. It is much better quieter, fast, and the most important the tray only open when i press the button
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