Windows 7 network password problem

I have a problem opening shared folders on Windows 7 PC's because a Password is requested when none exists.
After hours of trial and error I discovered that the last PC turned on could see all computers, but none could see that one.
I could not see a 3rd PC until I turned on a 4th, which then became a problem. I now turn on a spare PC last so the others can all see each other.
Hope a fix comes soon?
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  1. I beleive windows 7 security wants passwords on all accounts/shares. Put a password on the share and it should work. If these are all windows 7 pc's you can try using "homegroup".
  2. You can Disable this option in Windows 7

    Please Check Below Link
  3. I don't recommend having no password on any account. This is a security risk. Even limited user accounts should have passwords. You can edit the local policy editor to turn off passwords, but it's not recommended.
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