Can you install an OS from the "internal network adapter boot"?

Hello Cyberpeople,
How's everyone?

My computer has an option in the Bios and in the boot menu for the "internal network adapter boot."

Can I use this to install an OS? :p
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  1. Yes as long as you also have another system to boot from. This thread may be useful:
  2. How do I know whether I have a static IPv4?

    And by a shared folder, can this be a shared folder from a local network computer?

    If a local network computer has internet connection [and therefore an IP address], does this count [for the static IPv4]?

    My crashed computer [Needs OS install] has a formatted hd, is this whole processs still possible?
  3. A static IP address is required for a DHCP server. In order to boot from PXE, you also need a server that hosts PXE images. You can Google for documentation on how to do it under Linux and Windows, but it isn't necessarily easy.
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