Month long battle & I'm still losing!

Hi, I have an older machine that I built 8-9 years ago and while its had ups and downs I have always been able to keep it going. Its a P4 3.00, Abit IS7 mobo, Radeon 3800 HD card & Realtech Ethernet (on mobo) and D-Link Fast Ethernet by way of PCI. About a month ago it started freezing on the net and I realized I could surf the net, do E-mail etc. but the moment I played any games on line (pogo) or checked out a surf cam or u-tube (video apps) it freezes like clockwork. The error message in the system event viewer: Error RemoteAccess Event 20106. I have tried all the phisical things...checked cords, reinstalled ethernet drivers etc. I know the DSL modem box is good as I have another P-4 connected to it with no problems other then microsoft disabled its ability to get downloads (Too many installations in same and original computer) another story. If anybody can think of a possible solution please do, all input appreciated.

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  1. Forgot to mention its Windows XP Home fully up to date.
  2. XP dosen't need any remote access and by enabling it I opened the door to this error. As soon as I disabled it the error went away.
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