Transferring file slow on 1gb switch. Faster on 100meg switch

We did a file transfer test today at work. We used a 100meg netgear switch and transferred a file from a workstation to a server.
The file was a 4.2gb iso. It took 6 minutes and 34 seconds to transfer. It was running at 11mb a second.
Right after that, we switched to the 1gb netgear switch and it took 9 minutes and 20 seconds to get the same file to the server. It was running at 9meg a second.
Both computers had a 1gig nic.
I would figure I would get faster speeds with the gigabit switch.
Please advise.
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  1. if the network cards on both computers also 1Gb? Are they actually connected a 1Gb?

    I ask because a bad network cable can cause a network connection to only negotiate 100Mb.
  2. Yes, they are connected at 1gig
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