Local area connection doesnt have a valid ip config

I have 2 laptops- both Acer Aspire. I'm trying to share a wireless internet connection on laptop #1 with laptop #2 via a crossover cable. Internet sharing is turned on with laptop#1. both laptops are set to obtain ip automatically. Laptop #2 will connect to #1 with the cable, but the connection shows "Unidentified network No Internet Access. Diagnostics reports "Local area connection invalid ip config. " I've been trying to get this to work for 3 days, and I'm out of ideas.
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  1. If they are newer machines, i.e. with gigabit Ethernet, a crossover is not necessary but is okay.

    You should be able to connect them if you either (a) turn on ICS (internet connection sharing) on the machine with the wireless connection or (b) bridge the network adapters on that machine -- but ICS must be off for doing this. To bridge just go into the network control panel, change adapter settings, highlight both and select bridge adapters.
  2. I think acer aspires have an adapter problem due to the tsunami in Japan- I think they sold many acer aspires off the shelf with faulty adapters until the factories were online again
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