Lcd monitor drivers windows 7

i have a problem with my LG lcd(Flatron W1943C)

all hardwares are in well conditions.But my lcd blinking when i use my computer.

Motherboard: Asus
OS:win 7

this problem is unique one.Also company has not the solution...
please give a solution.......
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  1. monitors have no drivers.
    check the video connections to make sure they are tightly fit in
  2. Make sure you are using the right connecter on the PC.
    There may be more than one - especially if you have a video card installed.
  3. If i add other Samsung LCD to my CPU then the blinking problem not occurs with other samsung lcd.

    And I add my LG Lcd to other CPU then also problem not occurs again with my LG Lcd ....

    so, what is the solution for the problem????
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