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I have bitlocked a drive using Windows7. Then while decrypting the drive there was power failure and it was closed without completing. My system was not booting from the next time, so due to urgency i have quick format this drive using Windows XP Computer Management.
The drive is about 130GB. Can anybody help me how to recover the data.
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  1. If it's encrypted properly, good look! That could take a while and some pretty expensive tools.
  2. Encryption went fine. While removing encryption due to power failure the drive was unaccessable and laster it was quick formatted.
  3. If you've formatted your encrypted system drive, I would say there is no way that you are no going to retrieve any data from it. Before the format you might have stood a chance, but not now.
  4. There is no way to get that....may be using any tools.
  5. Can anybody please suggest me some tools or software for recovering the data. thanks in advance.
  6. Try this site. Since your files are encrypted, there's no guarantee that it's gonna be successful but give it a try.
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