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I have a problem obviosly I have a modem that when I connectit to my wireless router(this is the second router I have tried my otherone wouldnt let me configure it so I thought I would update my hardware.) this has not helped. I get dropped connections from my wireless router after a little bit and can not for the life of me get the modem to work with the router. I can use hard line internet from the modem to my laptop but the internet just seems to not want to run through the router I got it to do it twice out of luck and reseting everything till it worked but then it just drops the connection again. My ISP told me I should replace my splitter which its not the problem since I can run hardline of my modem any suggestions I need help i'm flustered since I usually can figure this out for myself but this has me stumped.
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  1. Any ideas would be great
  2. Make & model of modem? Make & model of router?
  3. I figure it out, I feel dumb I was getting interference by having them to close to each other. There fore it was cutting my wireless out and just causing a mess. Lesson learned don't put them to close to each other there now about 1 ft 6 inches away from eachother and haven't had any problems since.
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