Can other people in my household use the router to spy on others?

Okay, so I have roommates and I am curious if they are able to look at what I am looking at through the router.

For instance say I am watching a video on Youtube that is contrary to their beliefs, can they use the router that they have full access to in order to spy on my internet traffic?

Specifically its a Sonic Wall router, rather high end as the people in question work for two different banks, and want to guard their network rather extensively. Do routers, high end or not have the ability to spy on those plugged into its traffic?
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    Yes and No.

    It is trivial with any router to see what sites you access and what URL you access. So they more than likely could see the name of the file/video you look at. Being able to actually see the content of the video stream is another matter. Since it is not encrypted it is technically possible but because many of the sites try to prevent you from copying the stream it is not a easy thing to do.

    Down load a copy of wireshark and install it on your machine and capture your own traffic. You will see it is not a trivial thing to spy on people
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