Failing to boot in windows 7

Yesterday i disconnected a useless usb socket, and ever since i am getting the message failed to boot when switching the pc on, i have tried taking out the bios battery and left it out for more than 5 minutes, i have tried my windows install disk and tried repair from that but issue still exists, could anyone help?.
I am running windows 7ultimate 32 bit, and the bios is phoneix, thats all i know. thanks.
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  1. have you changed the boot order to use your HD first?
    re connect the socket? lol
  2. Yes done that first. The usb is in simple terms knackered, so why would i put something knackered back in the tower.
    I am glad you found my question so funny, quoting the terms and conditions of this site text speech is not allowed. some veteran.
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