The MS Sidewinder FF Pro and Win XP

I've recently aquired Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, and to play it, I dug out my old Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro joystick. I installed it in Windows XP, and everything seemed to work - it installed correctly, and the Force Feedback worked (at least appeared to).

However, when I tried to play Flightsim, the stick became all "slushy", wouldn't center itself, and had very poor precision.

A search on the Internet told me that Windows XP doesn't support the Force Feedback Pro. Is there a way around this, or do I have to invest in a new joystick?
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  1. you have to buy a new stick, or switch os to i used win98se, upgraded to winxp pro, couldnt play ms combat flight sim 3 with my sidewinder force feedback pro stick, so i went back to win98se......screw xp

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