Quicken 2004 windows 7 accounts customisation

I cannot seem to customise the accounts list for reports now that I have at last got quicken to work on Windows 7........any thoughts?
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  1. Not sure what you're trying to do. Give me a step-by-step and I'll try it on mine to see if it works...(just in case it's a software issue peculiar to your installaton)
  2. I got Quicken2004 working in windows 7 except that when I go to print reports I cannot choose which accounts to tick............so all accounts information is jumbled together......Stuart
  3. It's a pretty well known issue with Quicken.
    Stop over in the Quicken support forum and look around there.
  4. Thanks...........From that I take it that I can only get to tick which account I wish to print by upgrading to a newer version?
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