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after having numerous problems with updating my SB Live! drivers, i vowed to stay away from them. yesterday, i downloaded a game demo and the sound doesn't work at all. seems i need to update my drivers. well, after a grueling process of actually finding them on the Creative website (not listed for Win98 systems for some reason), i downloaded the SBLiveDrvPack.zip file, which i believe is the updated drivers, and ran it. of course, something goes wrong. i get an error message before setup even starts, stating that my OS needs to be at least Win98 or higher. i have Win98SE. ugh, i hate how Creative have been handling updated drivers. if anyone can help me, i will eternally grateful.
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  1. I have drivers in my archive that may work. Send me your e-mail address and I'll send them to you.

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  2. Creative ...doesn't....care about SB Live!...

    They want you to buy an audigy and they love Microsoft...so they want you to buy Windows XP too... But if you want a patch for the Audigy you'll have to download 330meg drivers from Comquack or wait for the next soundcard to come out....

    Get the picture=))

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