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Is there any benefit to be gained by altering program task priority on Windows 7? With a multi-core processor - would it even matter?
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  1. In my opinion that is seriously micro managing the OS - for slivers of time. Im not sure what could be gained with doing that. You have a fixed amount of clock cycles available and if you give a process more priority then you are taking it away from the available pool. Now while you can do that, you may now be impacting sound or networking. Its hard to say what will happen...

    You can also set the processor affinity - where you assign the app to one core. I would test to see if that adds any value or not. Some people like it - others dont...
  2. I used to do this sometimes on my old unicore Pentium 4 system when I was running something heavy in the background and I didn't want it to interfere with what I was working with interactively. But I haven't found the need to do it on my Core i7 920 - it's always been able to handle whatever I throw at it and then some. Even when I have a 100% CPU task running, the system is just as responsive as ever.
  3. If you don't know what the benefit would be (if any) then don't even think about it.
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