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I've been looking around at reviews of various large flat panels (Samsung 191t+ and Dell 2001FP) trying to figure out exactly how bad the ghosting is.

In reading reviews I've noticed that it seems like Analog monitors, and even digital monitors using an Analog connection produce more ghosting. When comparing reviews of the similar Samsung panels there was definitely more griping about ghosting on the analog ones. And on Anandtech, analog scores I've seen are lower than digital when it comes to the ghosting test.

Is this at all true? Do analog connections produce more ghosting on an lcd monitor? If so, any idea why?
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  1. I think that is bogus. The ghosting is caused by the pixels not reacting quickly enough. The digital signal isn't going to improve that. I have an 18 inch philips right now, and don't notice any change with either input.
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